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Rollicking Alternative Country Band Announces CD Release Party



 (December 10th, 2005, Ypsilanti, MI) – Just in time to replenish the dwindling energy supply from the hibernating sun, local roots-rock band CityGoat announces the release party for their second CD, Can of Worms, at TC’s Speakeasy in downtown Ypsilanti on December 10th.  More intoxicating than a moonshine martini, highly vivacious CityGoat has been rocking to zealous fans in Southern Michigan and Ohio for the past two years.


Distilled with country, blues, folk, jazz, and funk, infused with quirky, catchy songwriting and a raw dynamic musicianship, CityGoat’s potent brand of down-n-dirty country rock is an elixir for the soul.  With a collective nine music degrees between them (2-DMA, 3-MM and 4-BM), members Daniel Worley (guitar/vocals), Erik Santos (bass/vocals), Neil Donato (keyboards) and Mike Gabelman (drums) have created another powerful round of studio magic with Can of Worms.   From the explosive opening of the rock-grass anthem Can of Worms, through the raw whiskey-soaked country of Take Me Home, the subtly twisted southern rock of Wine and Roses, the relentless Rebel, the arching hook-laden Once Upon a Time, to the traditionally tinged Lonesome Valley Road, Can of Worms overflows with raw roots and sophisticated hooks.


“As much as When Goats Fly was born in the studio, Can of Worms was born on the stage.  We’d been playing most of these songs live  for months before we hit the studio in August.  We tried to capture the energy of our live show in the recording… the subtle struggle between the primal and sophisticated that is the essence of what we are and what we want to be as a band.”


When not out playing gigs around Michigan and Ohio, CityGoat can be found at TC’s Speakeasy every Monday night, where they host the Open Mic. 



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