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Keep an ear out for CityGoat's new CD: Comin' Home, available in July 2008... as tracks are finished we'll be posting them on our MySpace page.

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Get your copy of CityGoat's New CD Can of Worms here!


11/22 - The new CD Can of Worms is almost finished. We'll be releasing it @ TC's Speakeasy on Saturday 12/10. This is going to be a knock-down-drag-out show... we're teaming up with Big Slick (another Ypsi/TC's favorite) - Here's the press-release for the show. AND we'll be posting a couple teaser MP3's on the site in the next few days. Keep your ears out for them!

7/19 We've been recording video and audio of our last few shows, so keep a lookout for some new live material in the next couple weeks.

AND We're starting our new album in mid-August, so keep your ears open for roughs of the new tunes as they get recorded.

3/31 Show Announcements and Video!!!

We have a video of almost the entire show from the Elbow Room on 3/25 available on the Music page!!! Huge thanks to Tim Nolan for holding the camera for 30+ minutes without flinching (Tim -- send us the Dr.'s bill for your Elbow surgery)

4/16 3pm!! at the first annual Rootenanny @ the Frog Island Brewing Company in Ypsilanti...for more info click here.

5/21 - Saturday - @ TC's Speakeasy, wsg/The Ragbirds and The Restroom Poets, show starts @ 10, $4 cover

6/2 - Friday - @ The Red Dog Saloon in Milford Michigan, show starts @ 9:30pm


2/25 - Friday - @ The Red Dog Saloon in Milford Michigan, wsg/The Ragbirds, show starts @ 9:30 (I think there's no cover charge)
2/26 - Saturday - @ Papa Pete's in Kalamazoo (it's a Wilco after-party!!!), opening for Rootstand
3/5 - Saturday - @ TC's Speakeasy, wsg/The Ragbirds and The Restroom Poets, show starts @ 10, $4 cover

AND - We've started recording video of some of the fantastic music that happens at the Monday Night Open Mic @ TC's. The first is of Spencer Michaud, from his performance on 1/31... enjoy!!!


We're releasing our CD When Goats Fly, Friday 12/17 @ TC's Speakeasy! The CD will be available for $10 at the show and $12 from the CityGoat.com website, so come to the show and pick one up cheap! We're honored to have American Cosmos (a great Lansing based alt.country band) and Bull Halsey (down n dirty blues) on the bill with us. The show starts at 10pm -- we'll probably go on around 12:30 with one long rockin'-funky-country set. This is going to be a great--not to be missed--show so come out and dance (or line-dance) the night away!

See you there!!!

11/1 -Show Announcements!!
- Friday 12/10 @ The Blind Pig 10pm - we're on first of four (w/ Tally Hall, May or May Not, and Otto Vector)
- Friday 12/17 @ TC's Speakeasy w/ American Cosmos and Bull Halsey - THIS IS OUR CD RELEASE SHOW!!! (no really, it is!)
- PLUS - EVERY MONDAY NIGHT CityGoat is hosting the Open Mic @ TC's Speakeasy! Come one, come all, we're handin' over the stage to anyone with a need to sing, play, rap, read or just jam (we'll also play a little bit too). Starts @ 9:30.

10/10 - Finally the CD is ready for release!! We'll have official bootlegs of the record at the two shows this weekend (10/15 @ TC's Speakeasy, 10/17 @ The Elbow Room) available for only $6. These will contain the actual tracks for the release minus artwork, lyrics and shrinkwrap. Oh yeah, we'll also have some nifty new CityGoat T-shirts for your stylin' pleasure. The tenative release date for the CD is mid-November, we'll keep ya posted.

9/19/04 - Three Show Announcements!!
- Saturday 9/25 @ The Riverside Arts Center following the performance of Love Letters. Play starts @ 8, CityGoat @ 9:30 ish. Benefit for Phoenix Theater Project.
- Friday 10/15 @ TC's Speakeasy - Opening for Rootstand! CONFIRMED

Sunday 10/17 @ The Elbow Room - w/Paul's Big Radio and Erik Kelly
- Saturday 10/23 @ St. Luke's Episcopal Church (Huron St. in Ypsi) - St. Luke's Fundraiser

PS - We'll have our really nifty new t-shirts available for purchase on the website soon... patience please.

8/24/04 CityGoat @ The Blackbird Theatre 8/27 10ish: CityGoat will be playing at a post-performance reception (wine & cheese or something like that) at the Blackbird Theatre (1600 Pauline Blvd, A2) following the 8/27 performance of the Pandora's Box Fest (see press-release)... our good friend Maureen (and long time de-goat-ee) is co-producer, actor, and a director for this fine festival. We expect to start sometime shortly after 10pm. If you go to the plays -- besides the stimulatin' evenin' of theatre -- the reception (and our set) is free, otherwise there'll be a $3 cover (for our set & reception). It's a perfect opportunity to see CityGoat without the haze of bar-smoke and at a somewhat reasonable hour. There's also a rumor that the amazing John Snyder (of RootStand fame) will be sittin' in on the harmonica... we LOVE playing with John. This'll be a jammin' set. Can't wait to see you there.

PS - we expect to be unveiling the new CityGoat T-shirt at this show... if'n you forget to wear a shirt to the show and need one to wear home.

8/3/04 - We've posted VIDEO from the Berkley Front show on the Music page. Or you can get it here: Less Than Blue - [WindowsMedia] [RealMedia].

Also we're headlining a show on Friday the 13th (August) @ TC's Speakeasy, with special guest Mercury Catfish. The show starts at 10, we'll be on around 11ish, AND we'll have extra-special guest drummer Dave McWilliam for this show. Not to be missed!

7/25/04 - A Huge Thank You to Makkafroi for the great (I mean GREAT) show in Berkley last night! We can't wait to play with these guys again! -- Also, we'll be posting some video from the Berkley Front show in the next couple days... keep your eyes open.

7/16/04 CityGoat @ Berkley Front: Saturday July 24th @ The Berkley Front (3087 West 12 Mile, Berkley MI) opening for Makkafroi. We'll be rokkin' the house. No Albin. We miss him already, and he ain't even gone.

AND - watch for some sub-set of CityGoat to grace the stage of the Elbow Room on Thurs 7/29 for the Steve Earle roots night!  This'll be lots o' fun.

AND we managed to record most of the tracks for an acoustic EP with Albin earlier this week -- two glorious days in the studio... much thanks to Julie for runnin' the session for us. Watch this space for more info on this as it coalesces.


7/7/04 CityGoat @ TC's Speakeasy: Wednesday July 14th @ TC's Speakeasy (207 W. Michigan Avenue, Ypsilanti) - no cover. CityGoat is taking over the stage @ TC's for Dan's Day Late and a Dollar Short Birthday BASH, Wed. 7/14! The party starts @ 8ish and we'll be playing 'round about 9. We'll be doing an acoustic and an electric set, and are likely to be joined by a few guest artists... to be announced later, or maybe even at the show (I guess that's still later). AND this will be Albin's final performance with us before he moves to Albany -- this time we really, really mean it. Cross our hearts.

We've been working on the final mixes of the album - we've remixed "Another Home" and "Less than Blue", and added several new tracks to most of the songs on the record. We really hope to be done by mid-August.

AND last but not least, we've been auditioning new guitarists to fill in Albin's spot. We're nearly ready to announce... It'll be worth the wait.

3/19/04 - OK - so I'm finally setting a tenative release date for the first CityGoat CD... 6/15/04. Those of you who have a copy of the fine vintages of our Teaser EP's can get $5 off the release version when purchased at a show (just bring in the CDR to get the discount). We will be selling a new vintage at our next show (tenatively, mid-April at Frenchie's in Depot Town).

3/12/04 - Hey, just finished a rough mix of Goin Down. All of the tracks are there, and it sounds particularly good I think... but I may be replacing the lead vocal (again) before release. We're really psyched about this one.

2/24/04 - Erik and Dan will be performing a couple songs at the BYRDS fest at the Elbow Room in Ypsi on Thursday 2/26... starts at 10?

2/7/04 - Yesterday, Dave and I recorded the basic tracks for a brand new song, Goin' Down. Erik is laying down the bass today. Hopefully vocals and guitar will happen tomorrow. Keyboards on Thursday. Albin's guitars on Friday. We're really excited about this one. I'll post a rough mix as soon as it's close.

2/2/04 - We're in the Studio - Workin' on some new tracks for the record (Learn to Fly, Long Before, I Can't Take It, and a couple others)... when I'm not sitting in front of the fire trying to stay warm. Here's a couple pics from the studio: Dave, Erik, and both talking to Taylor. Of course last Thursday, Erik and I had the pleasure of doing a couple songs at the Elbow Room's Uncle-Wilco-Volt festival. That was a really fantastic show, a lot of great performances (too many to count) of some of my favorite songs ever.

1/4/04 - Dave and I threw together this new song (I Can't Remember) over the last couple days in the studio... Erik is in Japan, Albin is in Vermont, Neil is playin' gigs... but it still turned out all right I think.

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